Our Expertise

Here at Atlantic, we get things done for you.

We are positioned for success, leveraging our strategic network, combined with in-depth research and industry knowledge.  We are ready to assist your organization to achieve your missions.

Atlantic Trading Company is a premier provider of medical and surgical supplies to both the public and private sector nationwide. 

As a Women-Owned Small Business headquartered in Austin, Texas, Atlantic ensures secure industry access, ready mobilization, and agile distribution of medical, surgical and dental supplies (including personal protective equipment "PPE"). 

We stand by our commitment to our customers to provide best quality service and products with quick delivery. We will work with you on your preferred method of ordering to make the procurement process seamless and easy for your team. 

Throughout the pandemic, Atlantic has supported and continues to support missions at the federal, state, and local levels with an excellent record of getting needs met with speed and quality. We at Atlantic look forward to working together with you to keep your organization safe.