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Atlantic Trading Company was founded by a scientist and a public policy expert who are passionate about improving the public health landscape in US. 

Atlantic Trading Company brand, ATLANTIC MED, is making a positive impact through helping the nation recover through the challenges we all faced throughout the pandemic.  While we are focused on essential medical supplies now, our company is growing and innovating.  At this point, the most important aspect is to keep case count low through following the recommendations by the CDC.  Our nation's recovery is our current mission - once all is stabilized, we will move to our next mission.  Emerging Infectious Diseases will remain a challenge to public health and effectively identifying threats is of critical importance to our nation.  We are developing technology and organizations to ensure that emerging infectious diseases can be quickly and effectively identified at the source because time is not on our side at the start of a pandemic (as we were recently reminded).

HealthHub Monitor (TM) is our next innovative product that will assist agencies detect emerging infectious diseases quickly and efficiently.

Innovation is imperative.  Improving is Imperative.  Improving Products. Improving Healthcare.

We are proud of the expertise our leaders bring to the business. Please click below for their bios: