"Diversity inspires me to build better teams, products, and partnerships"

Xiaozhen Wang obtained her MS training in Public Policy from Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy Master’s program, and PhD training in Biological Engineering from University of Missouri. Xiaozhen also has her bachelor’s education in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. A dynamic and capable entrepreneur, Xiaozhen has well-established relationships with key verified manufacturers in medical and surgical devices and equipments; additionally, the business can open doors when others cannot, including on hard-to-get products for large volumes in short timeframe and in emergency situations.

Every decision made in the business has the long-term development in mind, and Xiaozhen has ensured that commitments to our clients and manufacturers are upheld with the utmost importance and dedication in all our operations so that Atlantic stands for absolute commitment. Because our unique angle, we have chosen to only work directly with high quality and well-established manufacturers, which minimizes risks and uncertainty. In selecting our manufacturers and suppliers, we continue to perform strict due diligence of each product.

Xiaozhen’s husband and business partner Trent Matthew Todd obtained his MS training from Georgetown University Biotechnology Master’s program, where Pharma CEOs and FDA directors frequently teach with practical experiences and applicable knowledge. The combined education background of Xiaozhen and Trent adds the relevant medical products and devices regulatory knowledge and practical industry knowledge to the business, which is an additional crucial differentiator in the volatile market to ensure product quality, authenticity, compliance with regulations, and the capability to meet the real market needs.